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  1. I *love* your description of your characters ‘starting up’ without your permission! I’m resisting the urge to think about mine by finishing off a coplyetell-unremated short story in the time between now and November 1st…

  2. I think you have nailed it, Anon of 1.03 am, the AshkeNAZI US Jews are so full of hatred and resentment at the seemingly unflappable stoicism and happiness of US Christians [read Whites] that they are obsessed with pulling down the US, whatever the cost.They probably believe they can escape when the imported Moslems do the job for them.Some of them may believe that they will be an integral part of this New World Order as they were in Russia in 1917, where they were responsible for the murder of millions of Christians.

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  4. Wat een leuke verrassing! Ik volg al tijden je berichten, erg leuk om te lezen!Ook in onze klas (groep 3/4) zijn we volop bezig met jouw berichten en foto’s. Afgelopen vrijdag hebben we een start gemaakt met een ruimte-knutsel en vandaaruit kwam het idee voor een ruimteproject… dus daar gaan we binnenkort aan werken.Wij blijven je volgen, ontzettend leuk om zo mee te lezen!!

  5. Imi place sa gatesc si gatesc pentru fiecare masa. Unii spun ca ar trebui sa ne dezvatam sa gatim, pentru a manca mai mult verde…mai mult crud, mai mult viu si in privinta asta au dreptate:)Cred ca suntem multi cei care ne uitam cu adevrat la ceea ce mancam si nici nu avem nevoie de etichete pentru ca nu le folosim! Doamne ajuta sa fim mai deschisi la minte :)

  6. Hi Craig. Looking forward to the Flip Cam review. What did you render it to when you uploaded it to YouTube? Or was it direct from the cam? Color looks good but the frame rate seems a bit jerky to me. Not sure if there are settings for that with the flip cam. Its just not the usual quality of your videos. Thought I would let you know anyway. Was thinking of getting one of these myself.

  7. Wow, this is one of the funniest books I read as a child. Portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph that was covered in fly shit, Svejk that blows up the guncotton storehouse…I also had a thick volume of short stories by Hasek that had on its cover a Christian missionary on his way to be eaten by cannibals (a Romanian edition). Hilarious :)Loved the story with the suicide by drowning prevention.

  8. I’m not really sure but maybe if you do some little exercises with them , They might.Like lifting your leg up and down while cleaning the dishes. Good luck. Hey every little bit counts . Right?

  9. that the Judiciary Committee cancelled its hearings (scheduled for Oct 25th)– the subject of which was to be Saudi terrorism…I’ve changed my mind: Bush holding hands with a Saud is, no matter how I squint at that picture, disgusting…another bit o’ laying it on with a steam shovel.

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  11. Kenosix︰å•Š..我想kihitori的留言並不是像邱天助那樣用書袋來彌補創意的缺無。kihitori︰如果「懂中文」是一個純粹functional的性質,那麼我們當然是看一個東西有沒有能力對答如流(假設圖靈測試是語文能力的理想測試),就知道它是不是懂中文。不過我不清楚Searle是否也想藉由那個思想實驗汲取人們認為「懂中文」不純粹是functional的性質的直覺。或許Searle也認為,懂中文不但代表具有一定的語文能力,也蘊含在展現這些語言能力的同時,主體在意識上會有一些相應的主觀經驗。如果是這樣的話,Searle對系統回復的回應就不那麼奇怪了︰他不覺得那間房間(加上房間裡的東西)懂中文,並非因為那間房間不能對答如流(他假定它可以),而是因為,直覺上,那間房間不會有主觀經驗和意識。

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  13. Ci sono diverse cose che mi convincono poco:1)Non si tratta di un'omeopata (in Italia devono essere laureati in Medicina e Chirurgia)2)Il diabete è una malattia "misurabile" attraverso il glucometro, la famiglia non sembra essere del tutto ignorante (almeno questa è la sensazione della ragazza che suona l'arpa). Forse fanatici ?3)Attenzione a difendere a spada tratta le multinazionali del farmaco. Basta ricordare i casi recenti dell'H1N1.Come sempre occorre equidistanza e buon senso.

  14. A sign of the times. People call it falling in love when the reality is it’s chemistry then infatuation. It’s the confusion that leads to disaster. A careful examination of Mr. Bush’s history, an open minded reading of people in the know, like Molly Ivins, and maybe he should have not so blindly jumped under the bus. There are so many of us that get led around by our ‘feelings’ and don’t check into the facts. I dearly love a whole bunch of people, among them 7 of my children. However – only one of them would I believe, not feel, could do a ‘really big job.’

  15. dit :J’ai dit: l’impression que l’on peut avoir que le keynésianisme ne fonctionne pas n’est pas une preuve qu’il ne fonctionne pas.Et le type tout nue sur un banc de neige qui à l’impression de geler devrait résister à la tentation de se mettre à l’abri.Ce n’est pas parce qu’on a l’impression de geler qu’on gèle.Avec ce commentaire tu confirmes ta nature fondamentalement dogmatique.

  16. Hey ! Olihoud, pourquoi vous avez enlevé les si seyantes rayures qui se trouvaient au début de mon commentaire de 04:56 ? Alors, Siganus, vous persistez à croire que j’avais ce matin perdu la boule ?

  17. Hi Margareth, I put them straight in the oven after piping, unless I do not have room in the oven then some sit on the bench waiting. I experimented with leaving them out for different lengths of time and it made no difference to the end result. This Saturday there will be a new video up on this post with FAQ on this recipe if you watch that it may answer these questions for you.

  18. Oh La La, tres chic ma cherie. (Sorry no accents grave or accute on this keyboard!) It's pretty damn impressive to not only buy all items of your outfit from a chazza but to co-ordinate them so beautifully too. Go straight to the top of the class, ma petite. (OK, enough of the french now)Dreamt about you last night!! I'd been jogging with you (most unlikely!!)& you told me your neighbour was having an affair and instructed you to phone her only from a phonebox! (Hadn't even been on the sauce!)Been meaning to say I love your new blog header. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  20. skriver:”Det är lite som att gÃ¥ runt och smiska folk i ansiktet med sin plÃ¥nbok och sedan bli upprörd när den blir stulen.”SÃ¥ sant, och sÃ¥ käckt formulerat =)Annars lyckades jag hÃ¥lla mig hyffsat för skratt, fram tills dess att oktoberfestens coverband kom pÃ¥ tal.

  21. Remarcabil si excelenta suprapunere de planuri,unul fiu de cominternist,cealalta de Waffen SS-ist,dandu-si mana peste cadavrele tatilor dusmani de moarte,Montague versus Capulet cred ca e un bun subiect pt o proza scurta sau macar o caricatura reusita.

  22. if I get in his car and give him a little bj, he can find me a house for the night.DM-Well fuck. Play time is over. Pick up the UC Davis shit you knocked on the ground and get the fuck out!BG-Ok, ok, man. Don’t get violent. I’m out of here.DM-And don’t come back or we’ll fuck you up.BG-(muttering to himself)Damn, I know I should have stayed in the Mtn. shack. I guess I’ll have to go stay with my WAC(k) ex gf.

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  27. Jungle Jim: That shot’s been photoshopped — very cleverly, I may say. If you enlarge the picture 100x, you can very clearly make out the initials “CJ” on those faux silver cufflinks. Poor Mr. Brown.Good job, Baron.

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  29. hehehe that is a funny comic!! I agree where what you love because if you feel good in it your gonna look good in it!! And that coat is gorgeous what a find amazing how well the vintage clothing holds up when it is cared for. Just goes to show you the lack of quality that is in the clothing that you buy nowadays. ~You look Fantastic! Love Heather

  30. «Mas ainda que houvesse homicício tal pode ter-se ficado a dever a acto de quem o praticou e nas circunstâncias em que o fez.Exacto. E a grande confusão que depois arranjam é que tanto consideram que o Silva Pais apenas mandou sem estar presente, como mandou tendo sido ele o tal Pais que o Delgado nem saberia quem era.

  31. Este adevarat ce spune nea , Torin :- Drobeta Turnu Severim (Mehedintiul) , este patria zborurilor de durata si inaltime .Pacat ca , crescatorii de mare valoare , activeaza la alte cluburi din zona si nu fac parte din Roller Club , sau din Uniune .Si mai mare pacat este ca , cluburile la care activeaza acesti mari zburatori , nu stiu sa-si promoveze membrii si sa le mediatizeze rezultatele !Asa este la noi in Romania :- Cand ai una , nu ai alta !

  32. The haters inside of government who have sold out and serve the central Bank’s special interest over the American people’s best interest distort and defame one of the few true blue patriots since JFK,Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. True heroes get killed off or live long enough to be villified. Lets all watch Dr. Paul be villified and when it matters let the American people support the One of the few patriots of Freedom and of Justice for life and liberty.

  33. Skeptical: exactly what do you mean by “most poor people choose to be poor and rely on others to provide for them.” That is a very audacious and, shall I say, judgemental statement. What does the bible say about judging others?

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  35. I believe it was $12.00…not that much, but worth writing up the recipe and sending it in. The annual recipes book they sent me was worth more, so that was the major gift, along with index-sized cards with my recipe on them.–Betty

  36. Isn’t there a law stating that one can use others material in parody. The dude who did all the angry alf vids has something about that in the description of one of his videos on youtube

  37. Geweldig dagboek man:) Hopen dat er nog vele vervolgverhalen komen:) Leuk dat je, toch je droom kan laten uitkomen, of althans de stappen ertoe tot nu toe goed gaan.

  38. Post très amusant !Qu’importent les mécontents, vos réalisations quotidiennes sont remarquables et toujours originales à mon goût !Merci pour ces petits plaisirs quotidiens, continuez !!

  39. How is an individual mandate a liberty issue when it's an alternative to accomplishing the same end by a tax-funded government-run program? If public education was accomplished through an individual mandate to send one's children to a school of one's own choice, or if social security was an individual mandate to invest for retirement, that would seem to leave us more free.

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  41. By the way that was my LAST comment regarding the topic of this post.As I predicted Field will receive well over 100 comments before the close of business day, however healthy debate is good for the soul.Such sensitive topics more often than not always reveals what is deeply hidden within the heart of another Human Being.I applaud Field for being Bold enough to expose the ugly practice of "Colorism" and "Racism" NOT only in White America but also within the Black Community.

  42. Tack. ^^ Jag har spanat in det i många månader på Ikea och tänkt att det skulle passa. Det är lite mindre/lägre en ett vanligt (vitrin)skåp, perfekt för sånt här. Gott med egna!

  43. , it does provide the opportunity to… well, praise this fine novel (originally self-published!). Also recommended is Vizinczey's An Innocent Millionaire, a wonderful achievement recognized by Graham Greene and, it seems, few others.

  44. Het was een meer dan fantastisch weekend, ik ben nu, na 2 dagen, nog helemaal “in de zeehondjes”….. de groep was reuze leuk, veel gelachen met eigenlijk onbekenden die nu niet meer onbekend zijn……Je beleeft echt iets met elkaar!Het mooie was ook dat je niet alles hoefde te weten van fotograferen, Hillebrand hielp bij het instellen, het ging nl ook om de beleving en niet alleen om de techniek…ik heb een supermooie herinnering op de foto’s…kortom… dank aan hillebrand en de groep voor deze ervaring!groet Maaike

  45. Pete! Welcome!It’s definitely a scary experience and totally different to singing and playing (the former in my case, for a while). And reading too quickly is indeed a very common trap that newbiw performers fall into, mainly induced by panic!

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  54. There's no doubt we'll all be "living with the Consequences", and by the way those Iranian warships have already called at Jeddah. What does that tell you about American Leadership and more importantly how the Saudi's feel about it?I'd love to hear the "Anderson Coopers" of the world explain that.

  55. OK, that makes sense. I would be interested in seeing, however, how the list looks (for, let's say…atheism blogs in general…ex-mormon blogs…and then faithful member blogs) when you factor out those who haven't written posts in…say…1 month…3 months…6 months…the last year. But I'm awfully lazy to take a look at the data myself. :3

  56. I don't know if it's a wise move to make it go by country. Some countries have several languages, and some languages occur in multiple countries. Also, maybe there should be a language English/American (or country "whole world" or something), with coupled featured video's?Although I'm from the Netherlands a lot of my youtube friends are from the U.S. and other countries, all of them usually post in language English. I prefer to see featured English language video's instead of only Dutch video's so I switch to country U.S. although I don't live there…

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  58. There is this girl on twitter who is constantly talking about kids, how she hates them, they get on her nerves & she even had the audacity to talk about mine.. She works at a daycare which is why I’m concerned. I am going to print out the pages but I don’t know who to show them too or what to say? This girl doesn’t deserve to work at a daycare if she’s going to be calling them “nosy bitches” etc.. Can she get in trouble for that?

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  60. Wish I could afford this fabulous painting! I will have to settle for trying to copy it by hand with pencil. Zenyatta has such a spirit to her. She loks so graceful and happy as Mike Smith bestows his kiss on her! She is a magical horse. I love her and am so grateful God made her for us all to enjoy. I pray she will make a beautiful foal that looks and acts like her. Not exactly because there is only one original and unique Zenyatta!

  61. I would love to have this one on DVD. Best season ever!!!!Dan is the man!!!!!! He’s the best player and deserves to win. Ian played toward the end, but Dan has played from day 1.

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  65. REmind me why state workers get unused sick days payed? How about cutting that 15k cap out completely. 1.5 percent? how about 5-7% if you make over 120k you fund most of your own pension with a state match. F#$K this pisses me off! This isnt going to save the ship, 8 billion is peanuts…we are listing to port with a 49 billion dollar hole in the mid ships. Old workers are going to feel this before its fixed. Greedy pricks

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  80. Sigh, I hate to say it, but maybe the problem is that the Israelis are too squeamish to heed :War is cruelty. There’s no use trying to reform it, the crueler it is the sooner it will be over. This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war.Sherman would have forcibly evacuated Gaza and razed everything to the ground. And probably plowed the ground and sown it with salt.I’m not sure that even that would be enough.

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  229. Hi Patricia – I did do a quick report on the blog (a few weeks ago) about the insect visit, and will have more details in the coming months. I’m still seeing a lot of bees around, but they are concentrated in the few places that flowers are still blooming! I don’t know why ants would be more or less abundant than normal, but as you say, they might be easier to see with the sparse cover!

  230. This is an unbearable turn of events. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it gets worse. And then you are forced to say to yourself, “Damn, I was wrong, it got worse.” Because you were wrong; that is the way this world works these day…things keep getting worse. Well, that’s my take on the subject of your post.

  231. I agree Debbie. Regardless of one’s theological understanding, that person is not exempt from corruption. Right or wrong, we are all fallen and failing. I do not disagree. I have not exempted anyone from responsibility nor have I attempted to defend anyone’s actions. But their failings or successes do not validate (nor do they invalidate) the truth claims they have made regarding soteriology. That is one of the points I have been attempting to make to sister Lydia. So yes I agree with you but I do not see the relevance of every man’s personal sin to the discussion.

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  233. Actually, the wiki article mentions the coding error, and that L&D and the authors of Freakonomics have already moved beyond it. Short answer: it didn’t really invalidate their origonal conclusions.And while they don’t make the normative argument for abortion, I am a cold-hearted utilitarion and I would.

  234. I think Janus is pretty confused on this subject – and that’s understandable. Most people I’ve talked to about this just go blank when the subject comes up. Anonymous did a decent job at offering some clarity – at least as far as I understand the situation. But I think there is an overall feeling of unease about things – how much is this really going to cost, who’s going to benefit and to what extent. I think the fear is that money will only leave our community with minimal return.

  235. OMGosh! This just happened to me then I came here and was sure my search was over.But I guess when you titled it “really bad adventures in search” I should have known.Note to Ed: if you are going to come up under a round bed search tell me where to find one! Seriously if you find one at the price you listed shoot me an email

  236. zieba,It’s not the money, it’s the location and the advantage for advancement and benefit advantages. The big firm offers a pension on top of the 401K and is smack dab in the middle of the house hunting perimeter. Yes, they love me here and I’m comfortable but what makes sense in the long run? And yes, I probably am a marked man now.

  237. Hi Mark – you are officially off the Carter BloodCare call list – but we’d like to encourage you to keep giving blood. It’s so important to our community. My own daughter would not be here today if it were not for the many platelet and blood transfusions that supported her through cancer treatment. I’m a believer! We hope you will reconsider, and hava great week!

  238. I was surprised recently to find that there is an alter-ego to SAD… for my entire life, I have experienced feelings of being down and low energy during the summer (or more specifically, during periods of intense heat and sunlight) and when I was a kid, I would beg my mother to send me to summer school so that I wouldn't constantly be confronted by sun and heat. Now I compensate by staying indoors with the AC up and blinds down during the hottest months. My doctor suggested last summer that I had "reverse" SAD, which makes sense.

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  240. "we want to ensure that everyone can make the most of what we are developing"You mean, you want to ensure that everyone complies with the limitations of what you're developing. I support this move, but please don't insult us by pretending that you're doing it for our benefit — you're doing it for your own convenience, and no other reason.

  241. Anon 3.54 – it’s less a ‘what he’s done this month’, more a ‘featured director of the month’, and I for one think it’s a great idea. If you limit it to someone who has done something recent, then you do just that – limit it. Keep it open Scamp – just as it is.

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  248. A lovely clutch of finds – isn't that green bag exotic! Fab paisley frock – uncanny how its the same print. The leaves-raking – so good for the upper arms, but try not to think there'll be another huge pile in a few days! maybe you'll find a leaf-hoover at the next carboot? 😉 x

  249. Stich est donné comme le joueur le plus fort rencontré par Courier ET Sampras. Je me dis que ces deux-là doivent savoir de quoi ils parlent, surtout à une époque prégoatique où on pouvait dire réellement ce qu’on pense et pas qu’untel ou untel sont les meilleurs de tous les temps parce que tout autre discours serait inconvenant.

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  251. This is great. When things like this happen to me, I feel both happy and worried. I don’t want to be like everybody else except to be unique, like everybody else. But, being *so* unique can make one wonder if one is over the edge of unique to something scary. it’s reassuring to know it’s just an artist thing.